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From sales to social network.
Billing, CRM, Digital Payments, Call Center.
Customize your blank entangled environment.


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Our Mission

We are here to revolutionize the internet.
We have combined a public social network with a powerful private cloud customizable environment. Result ? The best available digital tools for your business in a single platform. Plank.

Our Goals

Billing, CRM, Salesforce Management, Customercare, Chat Rooms, Conference Rooms, Call Center, Portfolio Management, Energy Management, VOIP System, Marketplace, E-commerce, Data Analytics...
Let's be honest, how many softwares were you struggling with, before Plank ?

Our challenge

Our biggest challenge is to bring innovation to a next level, a global level where every business can benefit from it.




Let's begin

The project starts as a billing platform for power and gas companies.

Early 2019

Sell and comunicate

Integrated the most powerful multilevel CRM. Mass mailing, Tickets, SMSs, Chat Rooms, Video Rooms.

Mid 2019

Let's talk

Integration of a fully featured VOIP system serving callcenters, customers, retails.


Plank 3.0

Social Network amongst customers, users, companies. Free advertisements and comunications for all.

Late 2020

Supply chain

Integration of a multipurpose supply area. Reselling made easy.


Plank Pay

Management of digital payments: Smart Wallets


AI Technology Integration

Come to discover how we have reinvent Plank Platform


New servers

More than 2 millions of contracts managed

Let's get to the point

What's Plank ?

.. a Social Network

Where you can comunicate with customers, agents, suppliers, colleagues...

... a CRM

That can adapt to your sales models. Yes, we know a lot about multilevel marketing.

... an ERP

Capable in managing and streamline activities: from Accounting to HR. Experience our centralized, scalable and realtime platform and optimize your workflows.

... A Smart Wallet

Something between a bank and a blockchain. Revolutionary.







A Smart Bill is a digital representation of a real document that can be accessed from a QRcode on the real invoice or through a short link in an sms. On a Smart Bill you can show details, let customers pay, send comments, access real PDFs and see all the historical payments, contracts and statistics. You can even show offers from your e-commerce and let them buy them with just one-click since no registration is needed.


Smart Bill

Can your CRM automatically show the dashboard for incoming calls and active operators ? Plank can do it, even if it's so simple we often forget to mention it. What our developers can setup for you is incredible...


Call Center Dashboard

If your CRM/ERP could manage your customers' smart wallets ? Just like bank accounts where you can offer promos on recharges, where your customers can receive your credit notes ? A small bank system, embedded, included, connected.


Smart Wallet


A Wide Range of Services


Your business deserves the right amount of energy, planning and tools. Plank offers you the best environment where your company could grow.

Digital Contracts and signing

Structured price lists


Control Management

Digital Payments


In Plank you can create your own company identity, benefiing of the cutting edge technology in CRM and billing systems.

HTML Templates for documents

Dedicated domain hosting

Fully featured cloud Call Center


Custom Imports & Exports


Plank was build to be global, to be always available, to be secure.

Managed cloud environment

SQL and NoSQL repositories

4 layers infrastructure

31 servers

Encrypted connections

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

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Exciting update! Our latest security feature redefines data protection. Now, our platform can authorize and recognize specific devices, even when they're on VPN, Tor, or incognito mode. Your data, your control! 🛡️ #DeviceSecurity #CuttingEdgeProtection

Exciting News! Our latest platform release is all about data security. Introducing the first feature: Download Policies - giving you unparalleled control over your data's download permissions. Stay tuned for more updates on how we're strengthening your data protection!