Supply Chain

Our specialized energy and gas module designed to compete at enterprise level.
Plank facilitates importing and exporting millions energy and gas contracts.
Providing all the specialized tools to manage distributors and TSOs data feed, Plank enables you to interface with producers, wholesalers and final customers along the power and gas supply chain.

Consumption Area

Effortlessly add and generate supply contracts for electricity and gas with your consumers

Plank offers flexible pricing options, including fixed or variable pricing and zonal differentials, catering to your specific pricing models.
You have complete visibility into customer profiles and a comprehensive historical overview of contracts and invoices associated with them. Choosing a billing period is seamless, as Plank automatically associates contract IDs with relevant counterparts, consumption point codes, and quantities involved, generating billing invitations. Plank enables you to send intelligent invoices to your consumers, granting them access to smart bills, which allow them to monitor invoice details and components.
Consumers can also submit self-meter readings and contact you for assistance.
The "Forecasts" section allows you to compare actual consumption curves with forecasted ones.

Trading & Wholesalers Area

Maximum security and minimal risk
Comprehensive overview of all incoming and outgoing financial flows in your wallet

If your company operates in the middle, interacting with both producers and consumers or resellers, Plank seamlessly integrates both sides and automates all your processes.
From bilateral contract agreements to billing on the supplier and buyer sides, Plank handles it all. You can send invoices and billing invitations, provide parties access to their personal accounts on the platform to view their financial status.
Plank allows you to upload production and consumption flows, synchronizing them, providing credit management for debtors, and ensuring liquidity to pay suppliers. .

Production Area

PPAs, production curves, billing invitation and moreover

In Plank’s production area, you can easily add and generate power purchase agreements (PPAs).
The platform allows you to upload flows and curves associated with the quantities of kWh and SMC produced, along with flexible pricing lists that can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as fixed or variable pricing, zonal differentials, and cost allocation for imbalance charges.
Interfacing with producers is effortless, as Plank provides complete visibility into producer profiles and a comprehensive historical overview of contracts, production curves and invoices associated with them.
Selecting a billing period is hassle-free, as Plank automatically associates contract IDs with relevant counterparts, production facility codes, and quantities involved, generating invoices or billing invitations.
Additionally, you can access the "Forecasts" section, which enables you to compare actual production curves with forecasted ones. Plank minimizes risks and maximizes results, making PPAs a hassle-free experience.