Human Resources Area

At Plank, we understand that managing human resources can be complex and time-consuming.

That’s why we have developed Plank HR, a powerful platform dedicated to simplify and optimize your HR processes.

With Plank HR, you can efficiently handle all aspects of your HR management, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your people.

Assign HR Management

Plank HR enables you to assign the responsibility of HR management to your dedicated HR team.

Our platform provides a centralized hub for your HR personnel to efficiently assign various tasks and responsibilities to different resources, ensuring smooth and streamlined operations.

Job Positions

With Plank HR, creating and advertising new job roles has never been easier. You can effortlessly open positions within your organization, complete with detailed descriptions and relevant attachments, such as job specifications, requirements, and application forms. This ensures that potential candidates have all the necessary information to apply for your open positions.


Plank HR empowers you to seamlessly manage your applicants pool. You can easily add candidates to the platform and specify which open positions they are applying for. This feature allows you to keep track of applicant's profiles and their position preferences, ensuring efficient candidate management throughout the hiring process.


Our intuitive scheduling tool within Plank HR simplifies the interview process. You can effortlessly schedule interviews, defining dates, and specifying interview results and competencies evaluated. This helps you stay organized and ensures that each candidate’s skills and qualifications are thoroughly assessed.


Plank HR offers the ability to create customized tests for candidates to complete during their interviews.

You can tailor these tests to assess specific skills or knowledge required for the position.

By incorporating tests into the interview process, you gain valuable insights into candidates’ abilities, helping you make informed hiring decisions.


Manage locations

Easily manage interview logistics. Whether it’s assigning a physical office location or setting up a virtual meeting room, our platform allows you to streamline the interview process.

This flexibility ensures that you can conduct interviews efficiently, regardless of whether they are in-person or remote.

Team management

Plank HR provides a comprehensive solution for managing your employees’ permissions and leaves.

Your employees can submit requests for permissions or sick leaves, and the responsible managers are promptly notified.

With a centralized calendar, you gain visibility into all requested leaves, allowing you to accept or reject them efficiently.