From Physics with love ...


We are often asked the meaning of the name Plank. It comes from the name of the physicist Max Planck (April 23, 1858, Kiel, Germany - October 4, 1947), in honor of his theory of quantum physics.

Quantum Theory

We fell in love with his theory, how energy is transmitted in tiny packets (sing. quantum, pl. quanta), how small particles in a system form a strong relationship with each other.

A truly mind-blowing property contained in quantum physics is finally called entanglement: that is, a relationship so strong that it goes beyond the limit of the speed of light in propagating information across the universe.

Our Goal

In Plank we have a dream: to build a system made up of many tools, which benefits from cutting edge technologies, in order to deliver to our customers a single, connected, complete, entangled platform.