Streamline Your Financial Management

Welcome to Plank’s Banking feature, where we bring you a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify and streamline your financial management. With our secure and user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly handle payments, manage your wallet, and automate bank reconciliation processes, all in one place.

Smart Wallet

Bank Wires


Postal "Bollettini"


Credit Check

Credit Cards

Payments Reconciliation



Enjoy the convenience of paying directly from the platform using your preferred method:
RID/SEPA, wire transfer, or credit card.
Rest assured that your transactions are secure, encrypted, and fast.
With Plank, you can make payments effortlessly without any worries.


Access your personal area to manage your wallet, gain an overview of your financial status, and easily track your credits and debits.
Whether it’s checking your balance or recharging your wallet, Plank provides you with the tools to stay in control of your finances.
Automate invoice payments, both incoming and outgoing, for a streamlined and efficient payment process.

Bank Reconciliation

Say goodbye to tedious manual reconciliation processes. Plank simplifies bank reconciliation by matching your accounting records with the corresponding information on your bank statement.
Our platform identifies any differences, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments.
With Plank, you can automate the entire process and eliminate the stress of manual checks



Digital Wallet

The Plank Platform proudly introduces its cutting-edge Digital Wallet feature, designed to revolutionize the way customers manage their finances.
With this service, clients can effortlessly recharge their credit, providing a convenient means to settle invoices.
Moreover, should a payment exceed the billed amount, the surplus credit is securely stored for future use.
This innovative solution ensures seamless and flexible financial transactions, putting control back in the hands of yours valued customers.