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AI Integration

Introducing our cutting-edge call center solution integrated with AI technology. Every call recording undergoes comprehensive analysis by artificial intelligence. It is transcribed, recognizing all participants, and summarized for seamless accessibility.


Engineered by our expert software development team, our platform revolutionizes customer service by placing the customer at the core. With seamless integration and intuitive features, our VoIP call center empowers your agents to deliver customer-centric support like never before. From intelligent call routing to real-time analytics, every aspect is designed to enhance customer satisfaction.


Plank provides unmatched scalability, allowing you to import an unlimited number of data tables containing potential customer numbers. This feature enables you to effortlessly expand your reach and engage with a vast pool of leads. With Plank, the possibilities for growth are limitless.

Organize your leads

Effortlessly organize all current, potential, and win-back customers with our Call Center solution. Create custom lists, segment them into buckets, and assign them to operators for seamless management and targeted outreach.

Designed to revolutionize call center operations

An industry game-changer

With its multitude of features, Plank offers unparalleled functionality, empowering businesses to enhance their customer communication and streamline their processes. Reliability and low latency are crucial features of this system, which have been achieved through the implementation of a global VoIP proprietary infrastructure. Plank offers a powerful and intuitive platform that transforms your call center operations. From scalability and efficient data management to hierarchy and role-based functionalities, Plank empowers your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Take your call center to new heights with Plank and unlock the full potential of your customer engagement strategy.

Data Management

Managing extensive lists of data and contacts has never been easier. Plank offers a robust system for organizing data and customer profiles, allowing you to categorize them into buckets and assign them to operators and supervisors. This hierarchical structure ensures efficient data handling and seamless collaboration among team members. Manage thousands of recordings, fully compliant with the regulations in the US and EU.

Hierarchy and Role Definition

Plank enables you to define roles such as operators and supervisors, establishing a clear organizational structure within your call center. Supervisors gain access to a comprehensive overview of ongoing calls, facilitating effective management of operators. They can provide real-time support by whispering advice, listening in, or suggesting responses. Operators, on the other hand, can leverage this support to call leads and even sign contracts directly during live interactions.

Import and Export of Massive Data

Plank simplifies the process of importing and exporting massive volumes of data in the desired format. Whether it’s uploading new leads or exporting valuable insights, you can easily manage your data without any hassle.

Customized Tones and Voice Mail

Make a lasting impression with personalized tones and Voice Mail. Plank allows you to set customized audio prompts, ensuring a unique and professional experience for your callers right from the first interaction.


With Plank, you can assign phone numbers to your call center and define intelligent call routing rules. For instance, you can set specific time slots to forward incoming calls to different phone numbers, ensuring efficient call distribution and maximizing productivity.