Billing Process

Plank's solution empowers you with a flexible invoicing process management

Plank is a powerful CRM and Billing platform that enables you to effortlessly generate and manage invoices.
With its diverse sections, Plank offers extensive functionality to streamline your invoicing process and enhance your business operations.

Supply Management Section

In this section, you can efficiently order and manage inventory, monitor stock levels, and even import bulk orders of products or services automatically.
Plank simplifies your supply chain management, ensuring smooth procurement and inventory control.

Orders Section

Plank’s purchase section allows you to record customer orders. Easily manage and track all orders executed by your clients, ensuring accurate record-keeping and efficient order fulfillment.

Smart Bill
Digital Wallets
HTML Templates

Report Section

In the report section, you have the flexibility to select the desired billing period and generate unlimited invoices associated with customer codes, contract codes, and order codes. Plank automates the invoicing process, saving you time and effort while maintaining accuracy and consistency.

Temporary Invoices Section

Our platform features the ability to generate temporary invoices directly from your reports.
This allows you to have a comprehensive overview of all amounts and data accuracy.
Through intricate analyses and algorithms, any potential errors or anomalies are flagged for your attention.
Once you're confident, you can proceed to confirm and send them out in bulk to your clients.

Communication and Messaging

Need to send communications, invoices, or payment reminders to your clients?
Plank has got you covered! The platform offers various modes of communication, allowing you to effortlessly reach out to your customers in a mass messaging session.
Make your voice heard and be proactive in your customer interactions. Send invoices and let your clients explore their details through smart bills.