Customer Care 4.0

The Right Instrument

We Care about your Tools


Recall all the customer's information across multiple areas is a key feature for Plank; let them be interactive is a key point for providing a truly immersive experience.

Performance & Analysis

Our platform provides real-time tracking of key metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly. Dive deep into detailed reports and gain valuable insights to optimize operations and drive success.

Engaging Customers

Unlock boundless possibilities in customer engagement. Our platform ensures not only satisfied clients but also reaching unprecedented numbers. We're committed to assisting them through a myriad of communication channels, ensuring their needs are met promptly and comprehensively.

Call Center


Customer Area


Social Network

Customer Dashboard

Plank is a comprehensive CRM platform that offers a wide range of ways to communicate and interact with your customers.

Be able to send bills, payment reminders, news and solve their problem.
Let’s explore the key components of Plank’s Communication:

Customers' channels

So many ways to communicate

Deliver your documents, bills, messages to your customers however you want


Integrated with Plank, contact your customers in the most effective way possible

Video Rooms

Embedded, no other tools needed to collaborate or to have meetings


Send sms and track them. Attach big files (a link will be shown) and track when received and open


Plank embeds its own mail server. Access your accounts, share them with users or create temporary accounts

Mass Mailing

Send out thousand marketing email or bills and track them

Automated VOIP Calls

Inbound and outbound calls embedded in your CRM ? That's for real!

Ticketing Area

Manage requests from your customers or employees and handle them with a proper workflow.

Smart Bill

Change the way how your invoices can comunicate to your clients

Social Network

In Plank all your customers can see and interact with your marketing posts