Plank Security

Security as a Service
The ultimate security platform that offers Security as a Service (SECaaS).


Peace of mind

Pre accesses management

Plank associate to every user an unique identification code through a digital fingerprint algorithm.Plank will not enable users to access until the preaccess process is completed through user confirmation of the SMS or email they will receive upon first access.
At that point, they will be assigned a unique fingerprint that will track every activity desired by the admins.

Activities monitoring

Pre-access active management and log monitoring

Users’ devices and attempts overview

Revoke or enable accesses to users or devices

Rules & Alerts

Set access time limits

Apply accesses restrictions on specific IP addresses or userst

Apply downloads rules to specific users, groups, or IP addresses

Receive notifications via email or SMS for alerts

Ability to grant or restrict accesses to Plank sections to any user you desire

How it works

Fingerprint Check

All web traffic is encrypted via HTTPS and TLS 1.2

Information is transferred server-side and transmitted securely to our servers using a server-to-server API so information is never exposed in the browser

Advanced machine learning combines browser fingerprints, IP/URL analysis, device analysis and, with a complex algorithm, creates a unique identification code


Section Preview

Global Audit Log



Ability to grant access to this section to any user you desire;

Monitor login, logout, edit and downloads of every user;

Filter: Plank allows you to apply filters to every search, whether it's for a user, page, or specific date and time.



Associate current users with previous instances of fraud, even when they attempt to conceal their identity;

If someone gains access to the CRM using an unauthorized device or credentials, we have a response in place.




Enterprise level security with SHA 512 encryptions.
Safe password management with banking grade audit logs.
Protect your data with the best firewall and realtime backups routine.
Encrypt everything you want with your key word.
All file are encrypted in an irreversible way.
Feel safe that only the ones who know the key and have the access to the specific data can decrypt it.


Backup Policies

Data Centers:

Our management software benefits from robust backup policies implemented across our data centers located in Ohio, London, and Frankfurt. These strategically positioned centers ensure the security of mirrored data across multiple servers.

Backup Frequency

On a daily basis, we conduct two update backups to capture the latest changes to the data. Additionally, every night, a comprehensive full backup is performed to safeguard all essential information.

Retention Period

All backups are stored offline for a period of four weeks. During this time, every version from both daily and nightly backups is retained and readily recoverable, providing a comprehensive safety net for your data.